Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Father Writing

Here is a link to another writing a blog about addiction. He is focusing on himself and the struggles of being the parent of an addict. Sounds familiar to me, please give him a shout.


Here is a link to another blog written by two sisters of a drug addicted brother. Both are worth reading and showing our support.

Sisters of a Drug Addict

One more mother that is writing. It is sometimes so hard to see this go on and on and on and on...........another mom and dad. SSDD is hard.



sisters of a drug addict said...

My sister and I just started a blog addiction is not just the addicts problem it is a family issue. Thank you for sharing your struggles.

sisters of a drug addict said...

Thank you for mentioning us in your blog. We just hope to help other siblings and parents to know we too feel the pain of the addiction maybe in different ways but we too feel the pain.