Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Approach to Help Kids

Today a teacher in New Mexico commented to a post on my blog. In case everyone doesn't read all the comments I want to share this one.

Hello, my name is blake minnerly ( and I am a teacher at the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School, in Albuquerque, NM. Last year we lost a student to heroin overdose. She was only 16. In reaction, the students in my music production class have been working on a project, a CD of original Hip Hop and a music video, dedicated to her and meant to raise awareness about the danger of opiate addiction amongst teens. We want to get a copy to every school in the city. We have launched a fundraising campaign on indiegogo and I am asking for help in spreading the word. So I am contacting bloggers such as yourself, who understand the issue and the danger. The link is

I hope very much your son recovers and that together we all can begin to combat this tragic problem.

Usually requests on the internet draw very little attention from me however for some reason this just seemed too genuine to ignore. I have done some research this evening and have satisfied my natural suspicion and even came away impressed. I am going to post some links that you all can hear and see for yourself. It won't take much from any of us if a lot of us believe in this too.

The Media Arts Collaborative Charter School

The Student's Mission and plea

"Haley We Miss You"     


Anonymous said...

Blake, here. Thank you so much to you both for your help. Sadly, I completely understand your suspicion, considering the state of the internet these days, but, yes, we are for real. Thanks, again, for believing. Best of luck with everything.

Syd said...

Glad that you posted this.