Friday, October 28, 2011

Skipping Down the Path

Life is happening. It's not the drama and crisis of life with an addict. It is the life that we thought about before an addicted loved one changed everything we believed about our children.

Last night Alex and Kristy moved into a house they rented. Out of an apartment where the playground for Kristy's girls was a parking lot. It is a smaller place but "home" is what you make it.

Halloween is Monday. Mom told me that Alex and Kristy are taking the girls to Leslie's house and they are going to trick or treat with Brooke in her neighborhood. This will be Brooke's first year to realize that extortion and blackmail are legitimate and viable methods for obtaining sweet snacks. She already knows that manipulation works on PaPa and Grammy. Mom and I will be there to share in all three kids excitement and fun.

Brooke is 3 years old. I can't believe that little thing I am holding in our profile picture is now 3 years old. She is a big girl for 3. She wears a size 6x clothes and 13 shoe. Girl must have come from good stock.  LOL

The newspaper interviewed me about nominating Susan for the MLB Play Healthy Award. The article will come out next week. I'll put a link to it when it is published. Something I told the person that interviewed me is something I have come to understand and work each day towards. "There is no silver bullet or magic wand that will end this addiction monster. Our only hope is hundreds and thousands of Susan's and parents reaching out and making a difference with one kid at a time." All I ask of each person reading this blog is: Each day try to "touch" one child in some way. Maybe it is your own that is struggling with active using or maybe it is a sibling, relative, or neighbor, Maybe it is some child you don't know in a school, church, a team or a club, just make an effort in someway. All it takes for evil to win is for the good to do nothing.


Syd said...

Nice to not have the drama. Just day to day living is all that I need. No made up BS and no huge scenes. Peace and quiet are great.

Annette said...

Sounds like good, happy, everyday family life. How refreshing.

beachteacher said...

sounds delightful. I love the little ones on Halloween...enjoy !

Lou said...

So true Mom/Dad. Everyone of us can contribute to the fight against drugs. But it all starts by working on ourselves. Took me about 7 years to understand that;)