Monday, October 3, 2011

Parents Help Line

If your looking for someone to talk to about your child using drugs or drinking The Partnership at staffs a parent help line for you to call. This is not a 24 hour emergency line but a line staffed with clinical professionals that you can talk with to get info or make plans. This is a bi-lingual line.

1-855-DRUGFREE  (1-855-378-4373) 

Our Helpline is open Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm ET. We are closed on weekends and holidays. The Helpline is not a crisis line. If you do not connect with a parent specialist, please leave a message and we will make every effort to get back to you by the next business day. If you are in need of immediate or emergency services please call 911 or a 24 hour crisis hotline.

Our parent specialists are licensed social workers and psychologists with years of experience helping individuals and their families prevent and overcome substance abuse problems.


Cathy | Treatment Talk said...

Hi Ron,

I'm sending out my monthly message today, so I love your info. on the helpline and want to use it as well if that is OK with you. Thanks.

Midnitefyrfly said...

Thanks for the info! My son has started using marijuana again and I could really use some help and support right now. Perhaps this support line is just what I need.

Dad and Mom said...

Go ahead and use it however you want.

notmyboy said...

I wish I had known about this 4 years ago. :(