Monday, March 15, 2010

New Partnership Posting

The Partnership For A Drug Free America has posted another of my essay's.

How appropriate they post this one right now, we need it. I wrote it and submitted it a few weeks ago. It really fits into our weekend. The title of it is:


Garnet said...

Thanks Dad, I liked that perspective. I'll carry that idea with me.

Barbara said...

I'll check it out. How are you holding up?

Anna said...

Nice article, Dad. I'm working on removing the words "ought" and "should" from my vocabulary!

Good read: Stay Close by Libby Cataldi It's a mother's harrowing story just like Beautiful Boy is a father's.

I'm writing a book based on six mothers of heroin addicts (4 sons; 2 daughters) with working title: The Arrogance of Addiction: Every Mother's Nightmare. The blog (The Addiction Revolution) is only open by invitation so if you are interested, contact me at angelique dot lacour at