Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Heartbroken Family

Here is a link to another heartbroken family. Kelli wrote her first post on Saturday.

They need your help and wisdom.


Debby of Oxycontin and Opiate Addiction: A Mother's Story said...

On my way. by the way, I am not offended that you used my name and my cooking skills. Not at all... you are very high on my pedestal of parents who have done the best that they could. Your advice is so right on.

Heather's Mom said...

Couldn't believe it - my Dad called my cell phone when I was on my way home from an Al-Anon meeting tonight - and told me to go to to watch that exact segment. I ate dinner then promptly forgot to b/c I have so much catching up to do from everyone staying here for the NASCAR race (I don't know anything about NASCAR, but when we moved North, we moved 8 miles from the track.). Anyway... it was like my Dad had "Dad" remind me... lol... so I watched the video from tonight (and read the article that was posted, maybe from yesterday?). The one thing I found ODD (not sure what word to use here), but the sentence that Nic said to say is EXACTLY verbatim what we were told by our interventionist to say to Heather.

Also want to comment on your book chapters post - loved it - loved the guilty officer part and all the rest. Great reflection on "our" lives/situations.

As always - THANKS!
God bless.

Heather's Mom said...

oops - posted this comment on the wrong post - this comment is for your next post from today.
BUT - on this one - thanks for keeping us informed so we can check out the other blogs and (hopefully) offer encouragement...