Saturday, July 6, 2019

Let It Ride

It has been many months since I wrote a post for this blog. Looking at the last post was I wrote was November 23, 2018.  Often I wondered if anyone even reads blogs anymore? Sometimes I even thought about should I take it down?

Last week I got a call from a mother. She remarked that she found peace reading my posts. She related that she didn't feel so alone. I checked and saw new comments to various posts. I even looked at the essays posted on The Partnership for Drug Free Kids, ( and they are still being read and comments being posted on them.

It makes me feel good that people are still getting help from writing. It makes me sad that people still are searching for help in my writing.

So many times I have wondered why we can't put an end to this scourge of drug addiction.

Darlene told me yesterday that an acquaintance of ours, his brother overdosed and died last week.

This morning a teacher that would host me in his classroom to speak to his students wrote me a note that one of his former students (from before I began speaking) died from an overdose. He related how he was a good student, good athlete and a kid everyone loved.

Makes me sad for this child (30 years old) and his family. Makes me sad for all the "statistics" but all those statistics are so much more than a number. They were brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, relatives, friends and human beings that deserved so much more. We deserved so much more from them too. We counted on their love and to be a part of our lives.

As I said to to that teacher that messaged me, I hope every student that heard my talks remembers me and my story when they are challenged.

Never miss an opportunity to extend a hand to someone struggling with addiction or alcoholism. You never know when it is their time to enter recovery. Recovery works. The love you show may be the straw that tips the scale.


Unknown said...

Thanks, Dad, for still being there.

Deborah said...

Thanks for posting. I am a parent of an addict and always read your posts!

DevinMarco7 said...

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Ashtoret said...

Dad. Please do not remove your blog; I always come back and browse from time to time but was a daily reader 10 years ago. This is my first time commenting. I am a mom of a recovered heroin addict and she has been clean for one decade. This has been a dream of mine during her addiction which lasted close to 10 years and I am ever so grateful. She is now married, has authored a book, has two beautiful children, does a jail ministry for women, speaks at various events, and by all accounts is a success story. But she will not speak to me. My husband and I were very active during her recovery and there is no real logical reason for this except: I BELIEVE ALL RECOVERED ADDICTS WILL ALWAYS HAVE A STIGMA ATTACHED TO THEM FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. She has some issues with me and for some reason is having a tough time articulating these issues to me. Somehow avoidance is easier for her; she lives in a different state so this is easily accomplished. I guess I just wanted to state for all of your followers out there that recovery is hard for the addict, and the stigma they carry will follow them for many years- if not forever. I never really considered this at all. Thanks for all you have done for so many, Dad.

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