Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Last Fathers Day I wrote a message about those that have lost their father as I had so long ago.
Not to ignore those mothers that have lost a child I want to reprint my post here with a couple of edits.
On this Mother's Day there are many that have lost their mothers, some long ago and some not so long ago. While we remember and miss mom's let us not forget there are others with a hole in their heart.
There are many Mother's that have lost their child.
As we remember and miss mothers on this special day let us not forget the pain of those mothers that miss a child.

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Anonymous said...

My sister's mothersday, her son,my nephew was released from prison May 2, 2016 after 18 months. He has done 8 years total over his life time. He is 25 now. This past Saturday, he gave her a mother's day card, said I love you, 10 minutes later he was overdosing on heroin in his bedroom. He was only taking 3 breaths a minute when help arrived. He lived. But what does it take to say this has cost me enough?