Sunday, January 25, 2015

You Are NEVER Alone

My last post was about a son that was buried. A mother wrote me to tell me about her loss.

My heart ached and a shiver run up my spine thinking about how close and how many times we feared that we would bury our son.

Evidence to the title of my post comes in many ways.

Last week another mother that said she had been reading my blog for years wrote a personal e-mail to me. In that e-mail she told me how she lost her son under similar circumstances in February 2013. She told me how their lives were shattered and to this day they are heartbroken. She told me how they still feel guilty and feel they are damaged irreparably.

With all of those feelings this mother's final thought and message was to put her contact information in that e-mail and ask me to forward it to the mother who lost her son last week. She wanted to make sure this mother had someone that was walking in her shoes to talk to if she needed someone.

No matter where each of us are in this journey, WE ARE NEVER ALONE.


Keith Duncan said...

Hi Dad and Mom, I’m Keith and one of the readers of your article here. I’m so thankful to see this site. It makes me feel better and motivated while I’m here at better treatment addiction rehab. I share all the articles I read to my patients to motivate them too. Please allow me to share your articles with my patients. I owe this to you. Thanks and God Bless.

Dad and Mom said...

Thank you Keith. Feel free to share them with anyone that it might help.