Thursday, July 17, 2014

Children Lost in a World of Hate

I normally stay away from politics on my blog. Many close to me know where I stand on the political spectrum but something is going on now that I believe reaches beyond the political spectrum and has to do with children. I just cannot let it go with commenting. Feel free to express your comments either way. I won't love you or hate you any more or less.  ;-)

Many of us have suffering children we have done anything and everything we know to try and help them and save their life. I'm talking about addiction and the danger drugs pose in our loved ones life and in our life too.

Today I see parents doing anything they can to save their child's life and many of our citizens are spewing hate towards those children. I'm talking about those children crossing our southern border. Parents have given up the most important thing in their life to save their child's life. They have sent their own child to our border, many knowing that they may never see their child again in their lifetime.

How much courage does it take for a parent to send their child away to the unknown because the known is that where they are today their child will die? How much love does that take? Could you send your child into the unknown on a hope and prayer that they will live? Could you send your child into the mouths of monsters, abusers and what they call "coyotes" to transport them in a new life?

Then when they arrive at their destination they are face to face with HATE. The stigma of an "illegal alien". We are awfully good with labels in this country aren't we?

I don't care where a child is from and what nation, these are children that are in a place called hell. Life is not what we want or believe in other lands. Children being used as slaves, drug runners, shooters and terrorists this is not what any of us want for children, not our child or someone else's child.. These children want what our children want. They want a parent to love them, they want to laugh, they want to play, they want to go to school and learn. They are not invaders and criminals.

The parents sending their children off on this journey want for their child exactly what we want for our children. Just like you or I, we want our children safe, happy and to have the opportunity we never had, they do too.

It is time we stop spewing hate towards these children and recognize them for what they are, they are refugees. No different than refugees we see in other parts of the world fleeing danger, hunger and almost certain death.

Let's break this stigma. So many of the labels foster hate and are intended to make a person less than what they are and could be. These children are not illegal aliens, these are children far from home and alone.

The history of our nation has been filled with hate towards others. It's time to break that cycle.  


DDD said...

Amen, Ron. Amen.

Tori said...

My Grandmother came over here illegally from Italy. Life was extremely difficult on them.

I just could not imagine what they all most go through the Parents and the Children.

We have huge problems here and it continues to get worse year by year and it ends up effecting everyone.

B told me one of the worker's he works with just got his son over here. He is 13 - it cost him $14k to get his son here, he can't go to school, he can't do anything but work under the table.

It is so sad and complicated.

Tori said...

*Affecting* not effecting - I hate when I don't proof read.

Anonymous said...

I am in complete agreement with you Ron. This hatred must stop! Thanks for speaking out.

cy said...

Yes, I do agree with you--the parents and the children are trying to escape a terrible life--how is that so hard to understand?

I think that the hate comes from a place of fear. Many people in this country are fearful for their jobs and their children's future jobs and they see the immigrants as the "enemy". Not that that's ok--but again, it is understandable.

Topper said...

Amen, brother. I am in total agreement. Well said.

Anonymous said...

"illegal immigrant" is not a "stigma" like addiction in it is a FACT. No one should spew out hate I agree with that but we also have children starving here and abused and we are not doing a good job at taking care of those children. My son cannot find employment here and has been looking diligently if an illegal was given a job oh yeah I would be pissed off!

Annette said...

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world....yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.

Do you remember that song from Sunday school days? Its the most basic of principles....Children are to be loved, protected and cared for.

Amen Ron.

Syd said...

I could not agree more, Ron. I have been ashamed by the comments made by so many about the "illegals" being vermin. I am glad that I am not filled with such a bigoted attitude. It makes me grateful every day that I would take any of those children here and give them a decent life. If people would think more about love for each other rather than fearing those who are "different", society would be so much better. But I see the divisiveness in this country growing with more and more hatred in the hearts of so many. It truly scares me because a civil uprising would be devastating.

Anonymous said...

Syd, there are children right here that you could take and give them a decent life, we always seem to forget about our own.......

I fell badly for the children being sent here and the people spewing hate but in all honesty it has always bothered me that we want to go out and save the world and yet forget about those right here that are suffering.

I see it every day as I work in an area where there are many neglected children

Dad and Mom said...


We don't forget about our own in reality we don't adequately fund our own. In my state and many other states I read about there is a steady drumbeat to cut food stamps, reduce aid to dependent children, cut medical benefits and not expand medicaid to help children and families, reduce school funding, raising income levels to qualify for school lunch programs etc.

Like it or not as a nation we seem to see social services as nothing more than worthless people living off the government teat.

It doesn't matter if you want to throw out another label like "welfare mom" there are still children that need help. Cutting all of those benefits and aid to children helps no one.

As I told my son many times. Don't tell me what you are going to do show me. "My eyes can hear much better than my ears."

Anonymous said...

This is a very complicated issue. Children should be loved and protected. People should not break the law. Both are correct. I think Americans living in border towns have a completely different perspective on illegals than someone in the middle of the country. We should be sensitive to the economic conditions of those border towns and do something about this issue. As much as we might like, we can't just say our country is better so everyone come on in....go through the right channels or just hop a fence. We don't care. No, life doesn't work like that.

Anonymous said...

I hear what you are saying Ron, but unfortunately social services here is being used by people living off the government teat. More children are being born so that the mother/family receives more benefits. EBT cards can be used for anything at this point by the parents and the children suffer as they are deprived of what the need, clothes, shoes, etc. I see people come into my ex-husband's store and buy large boxes of candy (commercial size) and submarine sandwiches instead of buy a few pounds of meat and bread which would feed their children for a few days. There are no easy answers here as government makes the decisions. I SEE the abuse of the EBT cash and food stamps and it is sad and it should not be happening. There are a lot of "lifers" on the system in this area. Welfare was created to help people live through difficult times, not to stay on it for years. Medicaid here has been expanded and there is no low income family going with medical care and it includes dental as well. Unfortunately that too is abused instead of taking their sick child to the pediatrician they go to the emergency room which costs the government (local) much more money. I can't focus on illegals when I see what is happening in my own state. As far as don't tell me what you are going to do show me, well that doesn't apply as the government makes the decisions not us. There is no one in New York state who isn't working that isn't getting fed, housed and have their medical needs met. Like I said earlier, these programs are needed but they should not be a life long deal, and from what I see day after day that is what it becomes.