Monday, May 19, 2014

Breaking News!!!

The Partnership at has re-branded itself into more of what we as parents are looking for, to help our kids.

A new name:  "Partnership for Drug-Free Kids"

Same easy to remember web address:

The website is easier to read and navigate. Truth is many of us have been telling them to KISS it for a long time, Keep It Simple Stupid. One of the things I told Tom Hedrick a long time ago, was when we were first discovering our REAL issue with Alex I went online looking for answers, one of the first sites that popped up was The Partnership site. The old site was too confusing to find answers through the tears. Today it is so much better. It's parent friendly.

If you haven't been to The Partnership site for a while, then today is the day to visit an old friend.

If you are a parent that needs to talk to someone, a real professional in addiction call The Parent Helpline. Jerry or Denise will answer the phone, if they are talking to other parents or it is after hours.......LEAVE A MESSAGE! They will call you back. If it feels weird or you are scared to call........tell them Ron told you to call, they know me. You'll be talking to old friends that can help you.


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