Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Students Again????!!!!!

Talking to students at schools does something for me. It's so hard to stand up there and peel scabs off of old wounds, but it is so therapeutic.

Every teacher has warned me at one time or another about this class or that class. A student they KNOW that will challenge me or try to disrupt the class. Sorry to disappoint, their predictions have not yet come true. At the end of the day the students sit there in class and all I see are eyes fixed on me. And as you all know us parents of addicts are fixated on eyes.

No one disrupts. Maybe I scare them but I'd like to believe that I am saying things they want to hear.

Students come to me after class, shake my hand and thank me for taking the time to share my story. Some times they share a story with me.

I don't watch or take names but I leave business cards by the door and students are free to pick one up that has my phone number and the address of this blog on them. This evening I look at the stats blogger provides about hits and the hits on this blog begins rising immediately following the end of the first class.

And, to end the day, a message on my phone. "Mr. Grover, I need help, can you call me."

ps.: in two weeks I will be speaking again, this time at Shawnee Mission South. Wish you all could join me.


Linda Labbe said...

I'm sure getting a call like that makes it all worth it!

kel said...

If only to help save one life, every second of your time is well worth it. Kudos to you for caring enough to help make a difference. I have a constant private conversation with myself about how I would like to get more involved and try to help "our cause" but haven't gotten there yet.

Syd said...

I'm glad that you do what you do. I am hoping to start an Alateen meeting nearby. So many kids really need to know they are not alone in their misery.