Sunday, August 25, 2013

Catch Up Time

End of July and beginning of August has been a tough month here on the home front. So much going on and no time to take care of myself. But without a little self time I get to be a grouchy old guy. There is a lot to share, many good stories and I will try to do my best.

First of all the funerals and memorials are over, for now. Four deaths in 10 days was a bit tough. Two separate trips to western KS plus two in the greater KC area can wear you out.

My trip to New York for training with folks at The Partnership and The Center for Motivation and Change was exciting and enlightening. I am excited to become a part of a special group of parents working to help other parents.

It was so intimidating being in this group. There were parents that have lost their child to addiction. Parents that are working with state and federal governments and making a difference getting laws changed for our addicted children. There were parents that were directors non-profits helping our children. And then there was me, just a parent that got thrown into a world he never knew existed and pushed into a life I never asked for.

The dedication and knowledge of these other parents left me in awe of them and many times close to tears.

I found a picture on facebook of the parent group:

The training was intense. Learning new ways to listen, learning new ways to ask questions to help parents, learning new ways share my own story. This old dog struggled at times but he did learn a couple of new tricks.

I visited The Partnership offices. Got to meet the whole team. These are people that work every day at helping parents and loved ones of addicts. It was quite a humbling experience. To think that so many years ago when we brought Alex home from the hospital after an overdose and reality set in that he had a "real" problem we jumped online for help and The Partnership site popped up. Little could I comprehend one day I would be standing in those offices meeting those wonderful people. Everyone was so nice and taking pictures. I was so excited I forgot to have them take pictures with my phone too.  Becky has many pics, I need to have them share them with me. Here is one picture I did get with my phone.

Denise and Jerry let me sit in on a parent helpline phone call. I talk to a lot of parents on the phone myself but sitting there for 15 minutes and listening to two people do this that really know what they are doing, well I'll just say what an experience. I learned so much on helping just by listening. Thank you Denise and Jerry. If you need to talk to someone that can help you, call them at the Parent Helpline, 1-855-DRUGFREE.

I think I may have created a slight reputation for myself in New York at the training. Keep in mind this training was being conducted by several very smart people with PhD's from the Center for Motivation and Change including Jeff Foote, executive director and co-founder. Plus many of Partnership people are very highly educated in psychology and addiction. Judy expressed her feelings as did many of us about our ability to grasp all of this and pass it along effectively. She said what maybe many of us felt, "All of these PhD's and we are just parents....."

Out of my mouth came the first of what Jeff began to refer to as "Ron ism's". Here are some for your enjoyment or disgust, whatever is your pleasure. I didn't create these I just shared these.

Ron ism's

PhD -- PhD stands for Piled Higher and Deeper. "Someone with a PhD on their name just means their bullshit is Piled higher and Deeper than my bullshit."

Sitting in a wooden chair while PhD's talk too long about what we are doing. -- "The mind can absorb only what the ass can endure, it is time for a break."

Three days of training, does that mean we are now fully qualified as a "Shithouse Therapist", t-shirts need to be printed.

Not sure if I will be invited back. LOL They should have known what they were getting into by having me there. I'm sure none of you regular readers are surprised.


Bar said...

LOL! I love your Ron-isms, especially PhD!

I'm glad the funerals are behind you and that you got to go to NY with Partnership. I bet they will invite you back, in fact I bet ya $5 bucks!!

Syd said...

Heard the Ph.D. thing much over the years. Here are a few to add to it:

BS= Bull Shit
MS = More Shit
Ph.D. = Piled Higher and Deeper

Glad that you added something to the mix.

Tori said...

I can't imagine how great you must have felt being around them! You help so many of us all the time.

I am so sorry about all the losses you had in such a short time.

Alicia Conway said...
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Claire said...

So glad you got this incredible experience! I can't imagine how inspirational it must have been to be around those people. And I did appreciate the Ronisms too. Quite entertaining. Always gotta keep a smile on your face!

suzana martin said...
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