Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hitting The Road

The AC is in and working so I can now go on a ride. On Thursday I'm heading down to Kentucky. Going alone, mom has to work and I need to get outta town so it will be me alone this time. Some times a man just has to saddle up his horse alone and go.

Going to ride the Bourbon Trail around Louisville. Right around that area there are 6 distilleries and they are on the back roads and in the hills of central Kentucky. I hear the roads are twisty and nice. It should be a fun ride. The distilleries will be a nice distraction but the ride is the main attraction. The return trip I am doing the back roads through western KY to southern Missouri and back through the Ozark Mountains.

I know the area is would be a nice ride because a company I use to work for had a plant in Mt. Sterling, KY. I usually visited the plant about once a month. I'd fly into Lexington and got to see all the thoroughbred horse farms.

If there are any readers that live in that part of the country and want a cup of coffee or have lunch e-mail me. Alone time on a bike is good but it is fun meeting people and sharing stories.

Another Mom needs help.

In God me Trust


kelly said...

We are headed that way on Friday to see Emily on Saturday. I usually stop around Lexington to get her cigs, as they are much cheaper in KY. My mom had the Jim Beam account, so we know those hills well! I got my wedding dress in Bardstown.. such beautiful country! Enjoy!

luluberoo said...

Aww, too bad! You will miss me and Hattie Heaton by two weeks. I'll be at my daughters in Lexington on June 28, and will meet up with Hattie the week end of June 30.

Let me know if that suits your time frame in any way.

We have done the Bourbon Trail (I like the Jim Beam filled chocolates!) and it IS twisty:)

Sheri said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Gledwood said...

Have a good one!

I've found a new blogger, in similar circumstances to the ones you were in some time ago:

Summer at


Tori said...

Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone recommend blogs for people in recovery? Ive found many blogs written by family members of addicts, but am also looking for something written by an addict themselves. Hopefully, something uplifting, and hopeful,.....a success story or a work in progress.

Syd said...

Have a great trip, Ron. Sounds like a wonderful ride. I went to see those horse farms when I was a kid.

Meth Addiction-A Mother's Perspective said...

Hope you have a great trip! I want you to know that reading your blog has helped me so much that I decided to start one of my own. My son is a meth addict who was recently arrested, and I'm hoping to gain insight and support from others as I travel the road I never wanted to travel with him. So far, I don't have any comments on any of my posts, and I was hoping maybe you could post a link to by blog. All of the blogs I follow I found through your blog! Thanks again, for your blog. You helped me realize that others parents share many of the same feelings that I'm having about my son's addiction.