Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not Much To Say

I find myself not writing much anymore. There just isn't the drama and crisis that so easily stirs the writer in me, plus I don't find the urgency to unload. I don't want to bore everyone with "It's OK today and I am looking forward to tomorrow." Mom and I know well how too much of that while we were struggling turned into jealousy, resentment and anger at our son. That's one of our flaws not his.

So, today I am going to speak to students at the high school again. I spoke to two classes on Tuesday and I think I made a difference for someone. at least I hope I did. I learned my own lesson from these talks. My talks aren't just about trying to reach young adults and helping them make the right choices and knowing why it is the right choice. Sometimes my talks reach out and touch someone and they simply learn that, you are not alone.


Syd said...

It's nice to not have that urgency born of pain and anxiety. I find myself that my ordinary life is really great. I like it.

Dad and Mom said...

Syd, there was a day when I couldn't or was afraid to even imagine days like these.