Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nothing More Than A Personal Update

Nothing profound here today just a peace and happiness that is growing inside of me that has been gone for so long that I had forgotten about that place.

Alex works hard at work and it is such a point of pride for me to see where he is today. He goes out to lunch with the young guys at work. I don't worry these guys are straight up, I've worked with them for a few years and in fact actually hired them all. Alex seems to fit in perfectly.

He did his weekend in Douglas County last weekend. He went to court in another county on Monday, just got a fine, quite large but he isn't stressing. It seems like the only thing that is a priority for him is being a good dad to his girlfriends daughters and he will proudly show anyone that will look the ultrasound pictures of their baby due in August.

Maybe I shouldn't say something like this but it seems like once I lived in another life. There are memories and nightmares of that time but it truly seems like another lifetime ago. For Mom and I we were hurt badly but the healing for us has been nothing short of a miracle cure. When we let go we all came together.


Syd said...

I am so very glad for all of you. It sounds as if Alex has matured and is taking his share of responsibility. That is awesome.

Tori said...

It is so great to hear of his success and how everything is coming together for all of you. You deserve happiness and so does he.

Annette said...

LOVE this post Ron. LOVE IT!!! So beautiful.

Gledwood said...

You sound like you have some of that mystical Serenity they talk about at NA. I wish I knew where to buy some!

BMelonsLemonade said...

I think my son saved my life in so many ways. I was clean much longer than Alex when I got pregnant, but it still has really helped to solidify WHY I must stay clean. If a thought of dope lingers a little too long, I just look at his beautiful little face...and the thought fades. I am truly happy for you all.

Tina said...

It makes me happy to hear another of of our children in this club is doing so well. Congratulations to all.
God Bless,

yaya said...

"When we let go, it all came together"

I can to this day still remember the day I really really "let go". And it was within months of that day my son entered into recovery (that has now lasted 3+ years).

Coincident? I don't think so. "God can't work with what we won't let go of".

So glad A is doing so well.

susanj2008 said...

This morning in my reading I read this quote from Oswald Chambers ~ "Remember that you can never give another person what you have found, but you can cause them to have a desire for it"

When we work on us, when we have found a path that leads us to our own well being and Recovery... we can only hope our addicts will want what we have found.

The Peace that passes all understanding...

So glad for your peace today, that place of joy in today.