Thursday, May 26, 2011


On Tuesday Alex was released from the county jail here in Leavenworth. He still has to do a weekend in another county but we all think that should be his last but you never know when you still have court dates to attend.

I am proud of him. Some may question, "How can you be proud, he just got out of jail?" Those would be the people not familiar with addiction and what it does to a person. They don't understand that some illegal activities are symptoms of addiction. Addiction is the real problem, not the activities. But when you do the crime you gotta do the time.

Jail time comes and goes. This was not his first time behind bars. Despite what some may believe jail isn't a cure for addiction. Jail may facilitate time to reflect and think but that in itself does not ensure recovery. Time and time again behind bars will attest to jail wasn't the solution. It may be a piece of the puzzle to a larger solution but to anyone that has ever put together a 1000 piece puzzle knows that without the larger picture you are fighting a losing battle.

His profound experience? I don't know for sure. That is his private strength, it matters only to him. What matters to me is I have what appears to be a lost son that has found his way home.

ps.: Please go here, say hi and give a mom a hug: My Beautiful Son - The Addict


Terri said...

Just today I had a conversation with a friend regarding the great advice that parents that don't have children with an addiction problem offer to those of us who do. They just don't understand how we measure success and our definition of a good day. They don't have to but we need to remember the road that we travel is not theirs. I am glad your son is home even if for today.

beachteacher said... wonderful and I DO understand,...and am proud of him too....and so happy for all of you.

Barbara said...

I am proud of Alex too.

I agree with what you wrote. I see the looks I get sometimes when I'm proud of Keven. I don't even try to explain it to anyone that hasn't been in my shoes.

To Alex: You rock!

GG said...

I think that your son is lucky to have parents who are proud of him no matter what. I think there are a whole lot of people who have expectations of their children and feel entitled to judgement if their kids don't turn out the way they're expected to. Which isn't such a great thing for kids with such parents. Your son manned-up, did the right thing and came out the better for it despite the fact that it sounded mean and hard. I'm proud of him too and wish him the best always. You, too.

Syd said...

Awesome, Ron. I am glad for all concerned. Alex is lucky to have you stick with him. Proof that we never give up hope.

Tori said...

Parents of Addicts have their own language which no one can understand unless you are one. Just like we can't understand addicts. I never thought I would wish my son to go to jail - or rehab, or pray that the Police will find something on him so they can take him in. I don't believe jail helps addicts but I believe when they are ready it may be a good time for them to be away from the other addicts they are familiar with. They have a lot of time to reflect on what got them there. And with all our addicts, they got there because of drugs regardless of the charge. Congratulations you have your son back.

Average_Jo_lene said...

I love how your serenity shines through in this post. You have an absolute right to be proud of your son. Those who have not been affected by the disease of addiction/alcoholism don't have a clue that the person who is using probably hates his use more than those of us who watch him destroy the true person inside. My husband is a recovering alcohol; but he is much more than that. He is a wonderfully caring human being. I am ashamed to say that there was a brief period in time that I forgot that.

PeaPod said...

I heard someone say once that if jail were a successful treatment for addiction, then the US would have the most efficient treatment system in the world.

I am moved every time I read your blog; it's written honestly and simply but very powerfully. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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