Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday To This Blog

It has been nearly one year since Mom and I began this blog. Time flies when you are having fun, yea right. (just a few days early because we will be leaving on vacation soon)

During this last year there has been a lot of water under the bridge. We have had our trials, literally and figuratively, many of you have been so helpful that words cannot express our appreciation. The reality is we feel selfish because we have taken so much from this blog and with all of the wisdom you have shared with us I am not sure we can repay you all in any way.

It's never going to be over. That is a tough realization. The best we can hope for it will be better, it will be different. As I look at my son today in comparison to one year ago I see the same body but I am hoping for the lasting change that allows him to grow. Today he is clean. That is now something I appreciate, the little things like that and life have different meaning today than they did in Jan. of 2009. There was no assurance when we started this blog that we would reach this day. As we look in the mirror we can now talk about this without breaking into tears, we have learned to handle our pain.

During this last year I have seen readers, commenter's and whole blogs come and go. There is a life cycle to this maybe one day our blog may fade but for right now it is providing much needed therapy for the writers so we will continue. Plus, unfortunately there are new children becoming addicted every single day. Somewhere there is another parent feeling the hurt and anguish of this terrible disease. I know I don't have the answers but if our little blog helps a few others then it is a small effort for us.

If the writers of this blog get to make a birthday wish and blow out a virtual candle you all must guess the wish, there will be no one left to write or read these thoughts because blogs on addiction would suddenly become irrelevant.


Lou said...

The average person blogs for about 6 months and then tires of it, so you have already beat the odds. Just like Alex!!

Garnet said...

"There will be noone left to write or read these thoughts because blogs on addiciton would suddenly become irrelevant." Sigh... If only it were true. That magical thinking is so ... addicting to me! Plugging on with reality, one day at a time. Happy one year of blogging. Glad it's been good for you folks. I find it helpful too. :)

Heather's Mom said...

My gosh, my eyes teared up reading this... the happiness of how far A has come, and others, and the hope for the rest of us - that one year can see big changes. I hope it is this year for all the families.
Thank you for keeping up your blog, for your words of wisdom, kindness, and your insightful and helpful comments on others' blogs (mine! lol).
God bless.

Fractalmom said...

interesting times. I think you ave had a productive and growth oriented year. congratulations!!

kristi said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

big Jenn said...

Happy Blog birthday and thank you for all your support this past year.jeNN

Barbara aka Layla said...

Happy Blog Birthday and don't you dare quit blogging! Thanks for sharing your lives here, I've learned a lot from you two.

I like Alex a lot and look forward to celebrating his continued success.

Have a fun vacation!

Syd said...

Glad that you began blogging. I agree with your birthday wish.

Anonymous said...

Your blog and others like it provided a valuable perspective for me when I suddenly found (much to my surprise) that I was dealing with an addict, rather than just a depressed girlfriend. Thank you for that. And good luck to Alex and your whole family.

Sarah said...

Well done this year!

Leslie said...

I'm happy that you are able to celebrate this milestone with a 'clean' child. There can truly be no sweeter marker than that.

While I don't post very often these days, it's because all is calm, and I'm simply enjoying the coast. And I wish you all the same easy pleasure.

Martha in PA said...

Happy Belated Blog Birthday. I stumbled upon your blog from another blog last night. Your title drew me in. I spent time last night and then again this morning reading from start to finish.

While I don't have a child with an addiction, I was married to an alcoholic, and while the specific details are different, the overall story is the same. I found myself relating so much to your pain, your hopes, your hurt.

My addict has been out of my life since 1998, sadly, he chose his addiction over his wife and infant daughter. I however could no longer live with all his addiction brought into our home, it was not how I wanted my daughter to grow up. She is now and amazing 12 year old, who does not remember or know her father. He abandoned her. I still hope and pray that he found the help he needed, the help that did not come from the treatment offered to him while we were together. I hope that one day, if he is in recovery, he will reach out and attempt to make amends with his child at the very least. It is a hope, but I don't hold my breath!

I wish you and your family all the best!