Monday, January 11, 2010

ABC World News

Heads up to watch ABC, World News with Diane Sawyer.

I was contacted by e-mail and phone by a producer with ABC News to discuss addiction in families. After much discussion with our son and the rest of the family Alex and Mom were not too comfortable so it will not happen but they have other families further along in recovery that are stepping up to the plate. The producer said she will let me know when the piece will air. When I know I will post it here.


Barbara aka Layla said...

What an honor to be asked! I think that's a reflection of your knowledge on the subject etc. But I have to admit, I am relieved in a way that you said no. It was painful to watch the story of Nic Sheff knowing that he relapsed shortly after the filming of him doing so well. It just seems so soon, but maybe when Alex is celebrating a few years clean???? Or at least one?

Congrats on being asked. Your blog is obviously a big help to many.

clean and crazy said...

wow, good for you. i am glad you chose not to go on the air with this. there is nothing good about publicity, look at g-mans blog on tiger woods!!
i realize this is diane sawyer and a pretty well respected news show, but i think you really made the right decision.
sometimes those shows are too graphic i cannot watch when someone is getting high, my arms hurt, i get the jitters, ugh i just can't watch. i hope this focuses on the families more then the addicts in their addictions

Heather's Mom said...

What an honor to be asked! And very honorable to respect your family by declining and protecting them from the stress that filming such a show could cause on all involved - and especially A.

Syd said...

I think that being asked is a great reflection on your thoughts and experiences. But for some reason I'm glad that you chose not to do it. Maybe it is just too raw still for all of you.

Mike said...

Thanks for the post.
Well, you always have to go with what works best right now for you and your family. There are many ways to help doesn't need to be it.