Sunday, April 16, 2017

Night Time Rituals

Everyone seems to have before bed rituals. For most they are personal. Seems for most people they do not change no matter where you are; on vacation, at home, traveling on business, whatever or wherever you happen to be at the time.

For the parent of an addict there is always a thought or a prayer to end the madness in that bedtime ritual. Many times tears are a part of laying your head on the pillow.

Something I incorporated into my night time ritual was to deliberate on a simple question. "What did I learn?" It's a simple short question but is so powerful for the parent of an addict.

Self care is critical for any person with a loved one suffering from addiction. Self care may include a massage or a vacation but the most important self care I found for me was knowledge and information.

When we ask our self, "What did I learn?" it opens the door to new learning and unlearning. There are 3 types of learning; old learning, new learning and unlearning. Unlearning is the hardest, when we learn what we thought to be true but find it isn't, we unlearn and find a new path to learning.

As we begin a process of self learning we build a knowledge base that works for future days.

At times as I begin to process the learning, the day and experiences I would play out scenarios in my mind on how to handle future encounters for myself and my loved one. By applying my learning each day I was better prepared to handle any crisis or drama the next day.

Learning and preparation provided me a small measure of peace each day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, very much

Angela Montano said...

As with the previous comment, thank you. I was just writing in my journal about this topic. I know as I recover, I will find ways to take care of myself
I want to get back to eating and actually enjoy to be around people. One day at a time.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea this is. I'm going to start doing this. Thank you.


Angela Montano said...

Journal writting has helped alot. Find a journal that represnts you; for example my journal has pugs. I love pugs!
I sometimes feel bad for the pages, but then say to myself,"its better than to go off on a loved one."

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