Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Top Recovery Blogs of 2016

I received an email from Paul that runs several Recovery Blogs in the United Kingdom. Again this year "An Addict In Our Son's Bedroom" has been selected as one of the top 80 recovery blogs worldwide.

I am proud and happy to receive a reward like this. To think that people read my words and find answers and comfort is a reward beyond measure.

Attached is a link to the entire list. The blogs are listed in alphabetical order so to find me listed look for #46. Top Recovery Blogs 2016

In this list are some fine blogs written by people I have met personally or online that I read for comfort and consider these people dear friends.


    Tracy said...

    Congratulations, a well deserved win :-)

    Cathy Taughinbaugh said...

    Congrats Ron and thank you for all that you do!

    Tate Gunning said...

    Congrats Dad - well deserved!