Friday, September 16, 2016

Recovery Blogs

Got an email notifying me that "An Addict In Our Son's Bedroom" has been recognized by as one of the best 20 recovery blogs.

It's quite an honor for us to be read so far and wide. Port Of Call is based in the United Kingdom. I guess not bad for a non-professional, simple parent of an addict located in the middle of the United States.

This goes to prove that with addiction and recovery there are no borders, oceans or boundaries that cannot be crossed.

This is a direct quote copied and pasted from their site. "This is one of the best drug addiction blogs for family and friends of an addict or person in recovery. Seeing a loved one go through addiction can be the hardest time of anyone’s life and this very honest account provides comfort for anyone that knows somebody going through addiction treatment. For me that's quite a compliment

Thank You Port of Call for this recognition.


Jill Armstrong Ramirez said...

Congratulations! Great blog!

buy kratom said...

great blog thanks for posting it. I myself am a recovering addict and have put my parents through much hell and could never repay them for all they have done for me.

Tate Gunning said...

Well done, and rightfully earned. Congrats!