Wednesday, December 16, 2015


In life, whatever task you take on as a person you need fuel. Sometimes it is a burger, other times it may be water or a soda. But there are tasks we do that physical fuel doesn't provide the energy it takes to continue a particularly arduous task. There is fuel that energizes the spirit.

Below is the fuel that keeps me going to schools and cutting myself wide open to expose everything it takes to love an addict.

A teacher sent me this email:

On the final test. My last question was what was your favorite thing about the class? A certain speaker, video, project, unit, etc… and you my friend are mentioned in at least 25-35% specifically you. Then another 25-35% put just all the guest speakers. Fact of the matter is YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE IN A LOT OF THESE KIDS LIVES HERE AT EAST!!!!! Can’t thank you enough for the service you do.

Happy Holidays!!!

Jerrod Ryherd
Health Instructor
SM East Head Baseball Coach

If you are a teacher or administrator at a school or any community group and would like me to share my story contact me and we can talk. My e-mail is:

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