Saturday, June 27, 2015

Back To Work We Go

On Thursday Darlene went back to work. Still sore, but the trouper she is, up at 5am because getting out of bed is much slower and getting dresser is much more of a chore.

She said she was greeted warmly with welcomes and hugs. Right now a big hug is not her favorite thing. At lunch I text her to see how she was doing and her comment was, "I miss my ice packs."

This next work week will only be four days and then a holiday.

Medically she is doing great. A week ago she went in for her first "fill". That is when they use a big needle and syringe to inject saline solution into her expander's. I didn't go with her, she had her sister for comfort. From what I hear it was not a pleasant experience. In fact I seem to recall her words were, "It hurt like hell."

Ever the efficiency expert with a wealth of ingenious ideas I wondered why they didn't just put a valve stem in them and I could use my air compressor to blow them up to whatever size I need.  LOL

There will be appointments each month until probably October for fills. Then she will have surgery were the expander's are removed and the implants are put in place.

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Patty Wildman said...

I have just found your blog. I love the 7 truths about your drug addict son! It is so true. Your story is a lot like mine. I too was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. You realize that your child may have to figure his addiction out on his own because I needed to take care of myself. Our son is in a inpatient Christian based facility he checked himself in five months ago. Every day I wonder if today he will leave. He has a job and a phone. When we see Kevan he sometimes seems better then other times he is a hop in the ass! I set boundaries with him and no longer take his crap but boy he knows how to pull my chain. Any advice for us about our relationship. I know this is a disease I get that but he wouldn't of had this disease if he didn't start this disease!!! I didn't choose cancer it choose me. I ate right, didn't drink ,smoke and lived a healthy life style. My son smoked pot, herion, snorted and then went to the needle.He choose that! We kicked him out he lived on the street, I can't go through this again! He moved back to our town in 2014 when this all started. he was probably doing it but not to the extreme. I just don't know how to act with him. I feel bad that I don't want to go down this road again. I want to tell him no more! we are out of your life if you use again. I can't watch it again!!! I know it sounds cruel and that I will only have a relationship with him if he gets well but that's how I feel. I know this can take a long time that there will be relapse and other problems but when do you say enough is enough?