Friday, May 15, 2015

The Big Day

Yesterday was the big day. Today we are home.

Everything went well. The pathologist still have to do their analysis but during surgery they said the lymph nodes looked good.

Once again we have opiates in our home but they are legal this time.  LOL

Last night Darlene was in a lot of pain and had nausea. It was a rough night but she is better this morning. Truthfully I couldn't believe they say that a bi-lateral mastectomy is considered day surgery so she had to be out of the surgical center within 23 hours. I think the professionals, doctors and nurses, really don't run our health care system it is all bureaucrats at insurance companies.

Darlene is in good spirits, I'm trying to the best I can at being a good nurse but it is a struggle for BOTH of us.

10 minutes before they took Darlene in for surgery I snapped a picture.

Barbara and Annette thought that Darlene looked strong and courageous. They thought I looked scared to death. I didn't know it was so apparent.

I never forget, that she can always do better, I cannot.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you do look scared to death, Ron, which is totally understandable. When my mom in law went through the surgery, my dad in law simply couldn't handle any of it and did absolutely nothing. I don't think my MIL ever got over that.

It takes alot of courage and love to stand strong during the hard times but that's what makes it all worth while. You and Darlene are so blessed to have one another and you make a great team!

Sending up prayers of healing for Darlene and hugs to you, both.


Annette said...

You both are the most precious couple. Praying for you both. Have her drink warm prune juice with those legal opiates. LOL Give her a big hug for me.

Courtsmom said...

Before I scrolled and saw your last comment I thought to myself how sad you look and I wish I had someone that felt that deeply for me. Wishing a speedy recovery, for both of you.

Syd said...

Ron, I remember my wife screaming when she was moved from the gurney to the hospital bed. It hurt my heart. Thinking of you both.