Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Harley Committed Suicide

It has been so busy around our house it is hard to see daylight let alone update this blog. The busy has been of our own creation and work is nuts both for Darlene and I but now it is time to step back for a pause.

As many of you regular readers may recall last Fall I had an incident on my motorcycle. The autopsy is far enough along that I can now fill in the details.

There is still discussion from the mechanics about what happened. They don't know if it was the chain tensioner in the primary or the compensator came apart. Either way the chain came off and destroyed the guts of the primary, even busted the primary case. Trashed the camshaft in the engine and damaged the main shaft of the transmission. New engine, primary and transmission at least. When they got to $7000 and was still counting that was too much. My summary is that this motorcycle committed suicide. Everyone I spoke with at the dealership kept saying this was a catastrophic failure and no one could believe I kept it on two wheels, lucky I guess. They said it was because I was a hell of a rider, but I know better. Pictures were taken by all the shop people because they had never seen one destroy itself to this level.

I first want to say that Bob and Randy in the Service Department and Josh and Brett in Sales at Worth Harley Davidson really stepped up to the plate. It doesn't matter what name is on the building, with people like this on the inside, you cannot do better. They stepped up and did the right thing. These guys went above and beyond what they had to do. I don't usually plug people on this blog but if you need a Harley, go see these guys and tell them I sent you. If your from out of town it's worth the trip.

The same cannot be said for the Harley Davidson Motor Company. They really dropped the ball. This bike was only 4 months out of extended warranty. In summary, their response was too bad, so sad, it sucks to be you.

Today, the guys at Worth delivered me a new bike a 2013 Ultra Limited. Mom and I are once again riders.

Motorcycle riding is important to us. This was like a good meeting for us. We were able to escape the crisis and turmoil of Alex's addiction. When we were on the bike we were a real couple again with nothing on our mind but the road. Everyone going through the addiction of a child needs a place to escape, this was ours, a lifeboat.

2013 Ultra Classic Limited
Harley Davidson


Annette said...

yay you Ron! Your new baby is beautiful and I hope you and Darlene have many many hours of respite riding. I hate when huge corporations don't help out the consumer who is keeping them afloat with their purchases. It is so wrong. Sounds like you have made peace with those events though. You are a good guy Ron. :o)

Syd said...

That is awesome what those folks did. I'm glad to hear these kinds of stories because it fulfills my faith in fellow humans. Happy riding, man.

Anonymous said...

Love the new bike, Ron! I can't believe Harley Davidson wouldn't stand by their bikes but I'm glad you hooked up with a good crew of guys to sort everything out and get you into a new ride.

Happy riding to you and Darlene!

Dad and Mom said...


Believe it, Harley the company didn't do squat. The guys at Worth basically gave me trade-in value as if it was repaired discounted the extended service plan and extended a 2 year extended warranty to a 5 year. Those guys at Worth stepped up.

Anonymous said...

So awesome they did all that for you!! Now I know where to go if I ever decide to get a Harley. Hubby's been wanting me to get a Fat Bob for ages, lol.


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