Friday, December 14, 2012

I Didn't Know This Program Existed

About a week ago I was contacted by Santa Claus. He told me about a secret program he has to condition himself and the reindeer for the big night. He explained that about a week and half before Christmas night he has always done a secret test flight to make sure everything is working well. The object is to visit about 4 homes across the country so he is ready for the worldwide trip. He explained this is a highly secret exercise and he chooses homes where there are no young kids but have Grandpa's and Grandma's that maintain the Christmas traditions for their grandbabies.

Santa told me he had chosen a home in Seattle WA, Boulder CO, our home in Bonner Springs, KS and lastly one in Virginia Beach, VA. The game plan was for all of us to do exactly what we would do on Christmas Eve night. We were to put out brownies and milk or cookies and milk just like normal.

Well last night Santa made his test run. I'm sure he stopped in Washington and Colorado first because he said he was traveling from west to east this year to take advantage of the jet stream flow.

We got up this morning and Santa left a short note, "Thanks for the cookies, I had really good brownies in WA and CO." However, there were 3 empty bags of Doritos on the floor and a half eaten package of Oreo's on the table. Plus my vintage copy of Cheech and Chong's, Up In Smoke is missing.

What the????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!


Terri said...

LOL!! Thanks for the Friday chuckle.

beachteacher said...

Should we who live here in Vrginia Beach now not depend on Santa making it here ?? : (

Rebecca said...

Love it and thanks for making me laugh on a tragic day like today.

Syd said...

LOL, Ron. Santa has the munchies!