Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today is the day. If you haven't already voted please get out there and share your thoughts and beliefs by simply marking that ballot.

No matter if it is Romney or Obama that is your man or someone else. Voting isn't about choosing a side, voting is about bringing us together. We have the privilege to choose leaders to lead instead of being forced to follow.

Tomorrow I hope that everyone can come together as one. We are Americans first. Neither Democrats or Republicans have all the answers. It is time we all remember America first, arguing politics is just a hobby.

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Syd said...

I had hoped too that a lot of the hatred would cease or at least quiet down. But it seems to continue with talks of Texas leaving the Union. We tried that "experiment" back in 1860 and it was a disaster. Anyway, I'm hoping that the hate will stop. Very tired of it.